Grand Slam Achiever Awards

Topline Tennis’s GRAND SLAM ACHIEVER AWARDS program is the first tennis coaching program to chart, encourage and motivate students to take their tennis to the next level. Students can track and develop all areas of their game and as they do they can see their improvement as tennis players with their own eyes!

Just like the Grand Slam tournaments student can win 4 medals and earn their own GRAND SLAM

Grand Slam

The 4 GRAND SLAM awards are:

BRONZE: For our beginner players who graduate with an understanding of all strokes involved in tennis, the ability to work well with other class members and a level of enthusiasm to match!

SILVER: Students who earn their silver medal have demonstrated in lessons they can rally the ball back and forth and are getting ready for doubles play. These students also show an understanding of the sportsmanship needed to be a good tennis player.

GOLD: Our gold medallists are students who have reached the level needed to play doubles competition. This is a major milestone for all players and it is one of the most important steps in a tennis player’s development.

GRADUATE: This is our standout level! Students who reach the graduate level are able to execute all strokes with skill and understand and use the strategies needed to play Saturday singles competition. A top level competitor!

Each term our coaching staff will be encouraging and working with students to reach for the next medal with the aim of each student winning their own GRAND SLAM.