Brayden Paterson

Brayden’s tennis career almost never happened due to a lack of tennis balls. He was forever hitting against a brick wall and constantly sending the balls both over the roof and getting them caught in the gutter. This meant all his hard earned pocket money went to the local tennis shop buying new balls. Seeing the passion in Brayden for tennis, Brayden’s parents signed him up for coaching at the Research Tennis Club. Little did they know at that stage that Brayden would not only go on and become one of the best players at the club but also a very successful tennis coach.

As a junior player Brayden worked his way to section 1 in the North Eastern Junior Competition. As an adult he has won numerous premierships for the Research Tennis Club and now competes in the state wide Victorian Pennant Competition. Brayden’s passion for the game and thirst for competition will inevitably lead him to many more premierships and titles in the future.

Brayden had an auspicious start to his coaching career. Having quite a large extended family he was seen as both a role model and leader for many of the younger family members. Whenever a family gathering occurred Brayden would jump on the opportunity to play “coach”. He would be dutifully followed by all of the younger ones to the tennis courts where they would obey his every command. This earned Brayden the nickname “Pied Piper” for his ability to lead. Gaining confidence from this experience Brayden began coaching at Topline Tennis and has now on the road to successfully completing his Club Professional Tennis Australia Qualification.